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Green Oolong Tea

Baked Oolong Tea

Dong Ding Oolong Tea

Aged Oolong Tea


Black Tea

Flavoured Tea



Pressed Tea (Tea Cakes)


Four Seasons Baked

Tie Guan Yin hard baked

Lu Gu Red Water Oolong

Hong Shui Oolong

Special oolong tea which is full fermented.

Honey Oolong

Mi Xiang Oolong

Medium fermented, medium baked, half-sphere rolled oolong tea produced from the raw of Chin Shin Oolong cultivar. Grown and manufactured at Ju Shan tea farm.

“Formosa Taiwan Tea” offer you bright and extraordinary oolong tea, which flavour and aroma bouquet makes a strong impression. Mi Xiang variety entered the market short time ago, and has to gain recognition of tea experts already. This tea called “honey” because of its exquisite shade of flavour, naturally detected in manufacturing owing to special insects, green leaf hoppers, who bites tea leaves round and start the oxidation process right on a plant. For Mi Xiang manufacturing quite young, yet not matured flushes of 2-3 leaves are used. The big and plump bud is kept. The tea manufactured by hand exclusively. When baking, the tea discloses its extraordinary hot fruit-honey flavour and spicy lingering aftertaste. For those who are not interested in tea culture, Honey Oolong tea would give bright and memorable impressions, and tea experts would be pleasantly surprised.

Mi Xiang will perfectly show itself in Gongfu Cha, a traditional tea ceremony. Such method discovered the most various characteristics of oolongs and intended for the best group representatives. Tea Master would be easy to work with this tea, because skilled and delicate hands of the master, which prepared and presented the tea, has softened burning features, added a sweet flavour to the infusion and discovered together a peculiar spice. The ordinary brewing in a teapot does not spoil the tea also, and your guests will be satisfied. This tea is an adequate entertainment, but in the end of party together with light dessert it will bring a lot of pleasure, remaining strong lingering aftertaste. A hot character of Honey Oolong tea will warm your heart nicely in the cold or in the damp, and its mountain nature will cool you in the heat.

For making Honey Oolong tea try to take less than usual amount of tea. You can brew it with steep boiled water. The tea gives a lot of bright steeping, which depend on the methods used.

Ginseng Oolong

Oolong with natural ginseng

Middle fermented, heavy baked, half-sphere rolled oolong tea with natural ginseng adding. Grown at Lu Gu and manufactured at Jhu Shan tea farm.

it is made of ferment & dried oolong tea finished, then sprinkle ginseng water and ginseng powder, produced by baking which makes ginseng attaches in the tea. There is above production about 5 times of baking.

Ju Shan Red Honey Oolong

Ju Shan Mi Xiang Hong Shui

Oriental Beauty grade I

Dong Fang Mei Ren

from the Da Mo cultivar

Oriental Beauty grade II

Dong Fang Mei Ren

Highly fermented, heavily baked, strip rolled tea from the raw of Qing Xin cultivar. Grown and manufactured at Hsin Chu tea farm.

This tea has a lot of names: Peng Feng, Bai Hao Wu Long, Formosa Beauty, Taiwanese Butterfly. Oriental Beauty was called “tea cake” and “champagne tea” for its extraordinary fruit honey sweet and spicy flavour, naturally detected in manufacturing due to special insects, green leaf hoppers, who bites tea leaves round and start the oxidation process right on a plant. Once the British Queen tasted this tea at the London international exhibition and claimed: “Oriental Beauty!” This nickname stuck, as well as the tea in the British Royal Court, which traditionally buy the best tea of such variety for domestic needs.

The Taiwanese themselves consider Dong Fang Mei Ren the best tea of their home. It is produced only organically and the total amount of a crop is just 30 tonnes. The most expensive raw is taken for manufacturing of Oriental Beauty tea – the young half blossomed shoot with the big plump bud. These buds contain the largest number of essential oils and tea alkaloids. Just by the presence of buds, covered with white tips, such tea was named as Bai Hao Wu Long (White Tips Oolong). The content of tips in Oriental Beauty tea is the highest. In ordinary oolong there are up to 1 thousand tips per catty (600 g), but in this case there are 3-4 thousand tips per catty. All the raw is picked by hand exclusively. It is hard to buy the authentic Oriental Beauty tea. In the main, there are less expensive and not so much interested mainland replicas on the market. “Formosa Taiwan Tea” is proud to propose you Dong Fang Mei Ren, made by one of the best Tea Maker of the island.

Making Oriental Beauty is not difficult, anyway it would perfectly show itself. There is no need in large amount of tea leaves, take lesser than usual. For the oolong may discover its properties through and through, we recommend to warm the teaware with boiling water first. If you put the tea in a previously warmed teapot, it would disclose the flavour to the limit. You can brew such tea several times. Depending on how long is the steeping, this tea may be steeped from five to twenty times in a traditional tea drinking with repeated pouring. The tea will show itself good in a traditional tea ceremony Gongfu Cha.

This tea is perfect either for closing of dinner or as a separate entertainment. If you want to show your guests the delicacy of taste and amaze them with new extraordinary impressions, then offer them to enjoy the whole play of Oriental Beauty tea tones.

Oriental Beauty grade III

Dong Fang Mei Ren

from Qing Xin cultivar

Gui Fei Oolong

Mi Xiang Dong Ding