Formosa Taiwan Tea

Tea list

Green Oolong Tea

Baked Oolong Tea

Dong Ding Oolong Tea

Aged Oolong Tea


Black Tea

Flavoured Tea



Pressed Tea (Tea Cakes)



- Teapot for boiling water, volume 1 l.

- Exclusive teapot by ceramist master Lee Chang Hsien. There is a Master's stamp at the bottom of the teapot - five numbers - first 2 numbers is Master's age in the year this teapot was produced, others 3 numbers is number of the Master's teaware at the year.

- Teapot

- Teapot

- Teapot

- Teapot

- Excusive hand made teapot

- Set of exclusive hand made teapots

- Exclusive hand made teapot

- Porcelain teapot

Tea cups and pairs

- Tea pair

- Tea Pair

- Tea Cup

- Tea Cup

- Tea Cup


- Gaiwan

- Gaiwan

- Gaiwan

- Easy gaiwan Panda style

Teaware sets

- Teaware set: gaiwan, pitcher and 6 tea cups

- Travel teaware set: gaiwan, pitcher and 4 tea cups inside a special travel bag

Tea Urns, Tea Figures and others

- Support for fragrance spirals

- Support for fragrance sticks

- Tea Urn

- Tea Urn